Flower Bud Vase - Green/Pink Mimi and Minty

Flower Bud Vase - Green/Pink Mimi and Minty

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Looking for a paper bag to put your flowers in?

Sculpted in the shape of a paper bag, this lovely mini vase captures the small detail of the zig zag trim found notably on paper bags. Two different colours and surface designs to match your mood can be displayed. The green side has Mimi and Minty peering front ways. The pink side has Mimi and Minty as seen from the back.  Both sides have fabric inspired prints as the background. The unusual weathered look and cheerful colours will be just the right addition to any home decor whether modern, traditional or eclectic and best of all unlike a real paper bag, this ceramic version will allow you to fill it with water to keep your cut flowers alive!

Made of terracotta clay, coated with a thin layer of white clay and painted on the surface.  It is glazed both on the inside and out.

This vase measures 8.3 cm H x 7 cm L x 4 cm W


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