About the Artist - Jocelyn Hee

Mimi and Minty artist and designerHello there! I'm an Australian ceramic maker and designer based in Melbourne. I was born in Malaysia and am the creator and hands behind the Mimi and Minty brand. As a restless creative, I have a habit of hopping from one idea to another, hardly sticking to one before another idea comes along. Mimi and Minty evolved in the hope I could streamline a myriad of ideas under one umbrella! So apart from making ceramics I also tell the stories of of my characters, Mimi and Minty, a curious girl and a fragrant pig. Do follow them on instagram and facebook to learn more! Bringing them to life provides endless satisfaction to my creative process. They are so much fun, amusing and constantly entertaining. My hope in sharing them with you is that they serve the same purpose - that they bring you as much joy and happiness as they bring to me!

I like to create products that serve a need and are useful in their own right.  My ceramic designs are reminders that life should be joyful and wonderful. I tend to use colours and flowers to convey that feeling and whenever I can, I include the cute personalities of Mimi and Minty, like finishing off a cake with the perfect topping!  I also like to create quirky and unusual designs that bring you a smile.  

I welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you along the way as I travel this amazing path of fulfilling my ambition as a creative artist. I hope together, we can make Mimi and Minty a store that uplifts and brings happiness, wonder, joy and delight!



Jocelyn x