About Mimi and Minty Handmade Ceramics

Mimi and Minty Handmade Teacups

At Mimi and Minty you will find cute ceramics that are creatively designed with the aim of bringing some sunshine and happiness to your day.  Crafted by hand, using terracotta clay and handpainted, they are often layered with a creamy coloured clay, producing not only a beautiful contrast of the dark and light shades but also creating an uneven coloured surface comparable to a patina or distressed effect. This process also allows for etching (also known as sgrafitto) of the light coloured surface to reveal the darker layer beneath, mimicking hand drawn lines. This is one of the techniques used for illustrating the Mimi and Minty characters.

Each piece is a labour of love and takes many hours to complete. Two kiln firings, each lasting a mimimum of 8 hours is required to harden the clay, seal the colours in and deliver that final glossy finish. 

All Mimi and Minty ceramics are signed with the maker's stamp  for authenticity. 

Mimi and Minty handmade ceramics suit the young at heart and those who celebrate the child-like wonder at the core of their being. Inspiration is drawn from flowers, zakka style and textile prints but more importantly the designs are whimsical and fun, bringing imaginative impossibilities to life.

They are often functional but their unusual designs make them unique - products you won't readily find elsewhere.  Experience a Mimi and Minty design and enjoy the joy and delight they will bring to your day! 

Mimi and Minty Stamp